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Contacting Me

I do not openly advertise for business, nor do I readily accept any.   I am kept more than busy with my own projects and those of friends and associates as well as training, etc..

However, you might have the need to make contact - so I have made provision, eMail me at :-

This is NOT an invitation to canvass me or to try to sell anything.

If there is something I want - I will NOT get it from a canvasser.

If I am pestered with enquiries I will close this means of contact.

Schools and colleges, who would like a licensed copy of any of my programs,

may contact me by the eMail above.


Licensed multi-site copies were tested at schools and colleges before being donated to those who took part in the trials between 2001 and 2005.    At the time I did not have Internet access and failed to market them adequately - they were then converted into freeware projects to be given away.

Also - it was only after more than 11 years, that I managed to buy this “Dawson Software” domain name, even though I used that title from the start.

So I use it to give away my software.

I hope you have enjoyed

your visit to my little site.

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